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Cenotes (pronounced say-NO-tay) is the Mayan word for ‘sacred waters’ or what we call in English, caverns…



Tulum and its surrounding areas are world renown for the extensive limestone cave system that lies beneath…



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So diving is not for everyone… we find that unbelievable but we do respect people's decisions to stay on the surface of the water…




Cenotes (pronounced say-NO-tay) is the Mayan word for ‘sacred waters’ or what we call in English, caverns. In the diving world there are some very strict definitions that separate a cavern/cenote from a cave. This definition has been made to ensure diving safety and enable open water certified divers entry into this beautiful system of staglamites and stalamites.

A cavern is any area where there is visible light every 200 ft/60m. Guides for this environment must be cave certified and can only take a maximum of 4 divers per group. When you go on your first cenote tour, you will be briefed as to the rules of the cenotes which are different from that of open water diving. Equipment is the same except for the use of a cavern light to assist in seeing the detail inherent on your tour. Long suits are recommended as the water temperature is 74 degrees F.

The history of the cenotes is as interesting as the tour itself. Millions of years ago, the cenotes were an underwater river system used by the Mayans to travel through the country. The cenotes as we know them now were only half full. The water protects the unique formations, stalagmites and stalagtites, which were formed when the caves were dry.

In the Tulum area we have many cenotes for the avid diver and snorkeler.

Cavern diving is a unique experience that is only offered here in the Mayan Riviera and the Yucatan Peninsula.

A cavern dive is NOT a cave dive. The standards and certification requirements for divers in the cenotes is quite a different species and follows different standands to that of cave diving. The standards and definitions of a cavern dive have been clearly outlined by the International Cave Diving Certification agencies.

For diving purposes, the following standards define a cavern/cenote dive:

The area of the cavern is with the natural daylight zone
Divers need to be within 60m/200 ft of natural daylight
All open water divers must be accompanied in the caverns by a certified cave guide
There is a maximum of 4 divers allowed with each guide

Here at Cenote Dive Center, we adhere to the standards and ensure our certified recreational divers understand and acknowledge the rules of cavern diving. Remember, safety first, fun second!

All of our guides are cave certified and can guide in the caverns and caves. If you are a certified cavern diver and want to experience the 'cavern addiction', our guides would be happy to take you on a guided cavern tour. If you are really nice to them, they may show you some of their secret spots…read on further for descriptions of some of the most popular cavern dives in the area.

TEMPLE OF DOOM (Calavera/Skull)
Location: 2 km from Tulum on road to Coba on right
Description: 3 holes in ground (one 30 ft & two 4 ft in diameter) create a skull shape, hence the name. Has the infamous halocline, which is a mix of fresh and salt water.
Facilities: None
Swimming: Great. 10 ft drop down into cenote. Rope swing & ladder

GRAN (Sac Aktun/White Water)

Location: 5 km from Tulum on road to Coba on right.
Description: Ladder steps lead to half moon shaped cenote decorated with small passages & openings. Famous for brilliant speleothem decorations & crystal clear water. Fresh water only.

CAR WASH (Aktun Ha/Water Cave)

Location: 8 km from Tulum on road to Coba
Description: Can drive right in approximately 30 m (100 ft) to cenote & locals used to wash vehicles here, hence the name. Fresh water only

DOS OJOS (Hidden Worlds)

Location: 48 km south of Playa Del Carmen/3 km south of Xel-Ha/On right 4 km down dirt road.
Description: Part of Nohoch Nah Chich cave system. Fresh water system only.

ANGELITA (The Angel)

Location: 4 km south of Tulum off the main highway
Description: Advanced dive for cenote enthusiasts. Check dive required prior to entering this system. Contains a natural sulpher layer that resembles a cloud.

CRISTAL (Naharon)

Location: 4 km south of Tulum on right.
Description: Crystal clear water that is great for snorkeling

ESCONDIDO (Mayan Blue)

Location: 4 km south of Tulum on left/Across from Cristal Cenote
Description: Tarzan & Jane style. Beautiful, crisp, clear, secluded. One of least known.


Cenote Dive Center - Cavern Diving

Cenote Dive Center - Cavern Diving

Cenote Dive Center - Cavern Diving

Cenote Dive Center - Cavern Diving

Cenote Dive Center - Cavern Diving

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