Cenote Dive Center is owned and operated by two friends who met on a Mexican road trip over 7 years ago…



Tulum is a magical city that is host to international travelers seeking solitude, serenity and tranquility by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean…



Cenote Dive Center is a customer focused dive center that opens opportunities to divers and maintains diverse diving experiences for visitors to the Riviera Maya…



The owners of Cenote Dive Center have set the tone at the facility…



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The owners of Cenote Dive Center have set the tone at the facility. We can not say they are crazy, or we would be calling the rest of the employees crazy, but Dave and Per certainly have great ambitions and live life to the fullest. They both bring an eclectic skill base to the table and seem to attract employees who also fit this bill. We are all divers but we can do other things exceptionally well too.

Each employee brings a sense of adoration for diving while adding their own personal touch to the dive center. Okay, really we are all crazy, BUT, we love what we do and it shows….but you will have to be the judge of that after you meet all of us.

Dave is NACD cave certified, an SSI Instructor, and Dive Con Instructor. He has over 9 years of diving experience and owns three dive centers in Mexico.

Per is NACD cave certified, an MSTD Instructor, Norwegian Naval Diver and an IANTD Cavern Instructor. With his two children and partner, he has relocated to Norway to pursue some diving related endeavours, which will continue to benefit us here in Mexico. His presence is missed but we always look forward to his visits.


Dave, Rich & Per


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Cenote Dive Center
Andromeda Ote and Centauro Sur
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